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We’ve redesigned our website to make it easier to navigate and to find out more about Tweetings and all the different versions, for different platforms that are available.

We hope you like it.

Timeline Gap Detection

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Tweetings for iPhone and for iPad now contains a new feature called Gap Detection.

What is this feature? Well a first a bit behind the scenes of the Twitter API and Tweetings.

When you load Tweetings, it will take the internal id number of the top tweet in your timeline, send it to Twitter and ask for all new Tweets since that id.  The problem is this call can only request a maximum of 200 tweets.  Therefore if you haven’t loaded Tweetings for sometime you are likely to have more than 200 unread tweets with no way of getting them through the app.

This is where gap detection comes in.  Tweetings intelligently works out where there might be a possible break in the timeline and we represent it as a tear.

Tap on that tear and Tweetings will go off and retrieve another 200 missing Tweets to try to fix the gap, you might actually have another gap underneath that too!

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Tweetings for iPhone and iPod touch version 2.4 is now available from the App Store.

What’s new

  • Gap detection in cached timelines
  • Inline image previewing in a Tweet
  • Mentions in speech bubble themes now show
  • Tweet Rough Location, this will allow you to Tweet from your location without giving exact geo-coordinates. This feature only works in the USA at the moment due to Twitter’s support for US places only

Feature Changes

  • Icon cache can now be reset seperately to timeline cache
  • Accounts screen now displays user profile icon
  • Animation added to follow button when status changed
  • New action buttons on Tweet and User view
  • Dynamically resize images in photo view if they are very large to prevent a crash

Bug Fixes

  • Time stamp was slightly out of alignment on selected view
  • User profile action buttons were the wrong colour on Carbon(Dark) theme
  • Previews for yfrog images fixed
  • When paging user lists, table jump’s slightly at the bottom when the next page loads

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Tweetings for iPad version 1.1 is now available from the App Store

New Features

  • Inline image previewing in a Tweet

Feature Changes

  • Changed “Listening to” to #nowplaying hash tag format
  • Animation added to follow button when status changed

Bug Fixes

  • Hashtags and contacts should now be inserted at cursor location
  • Places without Geo Coordinates are sometimes lost in the cache on reload
  • If a user’s screen name was the same as someone’s internal Twitter user id their profile/follows/timelines/etc would show as the user with the user id not the screen name
  • A number of memory leaks closed
  • Release memory from unused views
  • Previews for yfrog images fixed