Rate limits and the new Twitter API

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What’s changing? As you may be aware Twitter are transitioning all users from version 1.0 of their API to version 1.1. For most users this doesn’t mean anything nor will they be aware of this except in one specific change which may cause a lot of pain for both client developers and users alike…. Rate… Read more »

Critical Fix for Tweetings for Mac 2.1.0

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There is an unfortunate error that slipped into Tweetings for Mac 2.1.0 update which can cause timelines to be empty for ‘some’ users. If Tweetings is downloading new Tweets as normal you do not need to do anything We have submitted an urgent update request to Apple but you can fix this yourself if you… Read more »

Twitter’s authentication changes and what it means to you

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Yesterday Twitter announced some changes to their authentication and permissions process. On the face of it the changes are actually a good thing, but unfortunately it will require some action by user’s of 3rd Party Twitter Clients. Background For sometime now Twitter has offered 3rd Party Clients two ways of authenticating your details against their… Read more »

Tweetings Sync

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What is Tweetings Sync? Simply put, Tweetings Sync, when enabled automatically keeps unread tweets on your main timelines in sync between any platform or device you have Tweetings installed on.  From iPhone to iPad to Chrome to Mac, you never have to read the same tweet twice! What Devices is Tweetings Sync Available On? Tweetings… Read more »

Tweets per page option and default loading at 100

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When loading Tweetings after having used it already i.e. it’s not a new installation, then Tweetings tries to load all missing Tweets from the last tweet you saw. Sometimes it’ll load all of them and sometimes you’ll see a gap. A gap means there are more Tweets than we can retrieve in a single call… Read more »