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There’s been a lot of changes to Tweetings for Android in recent months so we thought we’d share some of them with you

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New default theme

When we first launched the Holo themed version of Tweetings for Android with version 2.0, the default theme color scheme was dark, with an optional light theme with a dark action bar.  We then later on added a light theme with light action bar.

In recent months this was then activated as the default theme

Light theme on Android


New navigation

The navigation since version 2.0 had always been tabs across the top. Many users had been asking for a while to be able to use the new Google Drawer style navigation.

We changed the default navigation to a drawer style, but left a setting to be able to use tabs if you so desired.  You can open the navigation drawer by either clicking the drawer icon at the top left or swiping from the left hand edge of the screen.


Card UI

Another design change that Google themselves have been pushing in recent months is the Google Now style card design. We held off this for a long time until we could make it work well for a Twitter client.

After all Twitter is all about, long feeds of Tweets and easy reading.

So we came up with two different designs for the Card UI, one has larger text and the other is more compact

Screenshot_2014-04-09-09-29-12 Screenshot_2014-04-09-09-25-38 Screenshot_2014-04-09-09-28-17

You can of course just switch back to the old list style too!


Profile Banners

Twitter now lets you upload a banner photo to go at the top of your profile on their website on their apps. Tweetings supports this but now even better than before.



Font styles

You can now choose from a number of different fonts. You can of course still use the default system font, but we now allow you to choose from Roboto light, Roboto thin, Roboto condensed and Roboto condensed light.

The availability of these fonts depends on your Android version.

The default font is now Roboto light, shown below


Swipe Tweet view

There’s often a lot of additional information included with a Tweet itself. When you tap on a Tweet in the timeline you get sent to the Tweet view

Screenshot_2014-04-09-09-26-49This view shows you, how many times a Tweet has been retweeted, how many times it’s been favorited and if it’s a recent Tweet, you can also see how many replies there are to it.

It’ll also show you all images associated with a Tweet and allow you to quickly reply from the bottom of the screen.

You’ll also notice a small pager bar at the bottom of the screen. When this appears it means there is more content available when you swipe the screen from right to left.

Content that can appear here, includes

  • Conversations and replies
  • Web page previews
  • Tweet locations

You can turn off these additional content features individually from your settings. From the overflow menu button there’s lots of additional options such as sharing, copying the Tweet url, and muting users, keywords and entire apps!

Notification panel

If you have Tweetings push notifications enabled and Drawer style navigation, you can swipe from the right hand edge of the screen to view your recent notifications, including mentions, who retweeted you, favorited your tweet or followed you




For those that love streaming, that is to say, instant updates to your main timelines without the need to refresh yourself, we’ve added a load of new features

  • You can now stream over both WiFi and cellular network (although a word of warning, streaming over cellular networks can run up large data usage)
  • You can have a persistent notification in your notification area showing you when a stream is connected
  • Streams can now be constantly connected, even if the app is in the background
  • We now support streams for your Home timeline, Mentions, Direct Messages and now search results. So if you have a hash tag result open on the screen, it will stream and keep you automatically updated

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