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A number of users have been contacting us telling us that since we deployed updates to Tweetings for iPad and iPhone that they’ve been getting random 404 error messages or the timeline not refreshing.

It also appears in those circumstances that closing the app from the multitasking tray and reloading solves the issue until the next refresh.

We’ve spent a lot of time trying to work out what the issue is as well as liasing with Twitter themselves as we can’t see what’s wrong.

However today we’ve had the news that there is a bug at Twitter’s end they are investigating

Since we last talked about this we’ve narrowed down the issue further… it’s still a cookie issue, but not necessarily due to cookies you yourself are sending. We’re working to resolve this – it’ll kind of randomly effect some users and not others until we have it resolved. If you want to temporarily mitigate, continue using v1′s statuses/home_timeline method for just a little longer.

Unfortunately as there’s only a few weeks left until the API 1.1 migration is complete, switching iPhone users back to API 1.0 (when it takes a week to get app updates through Apple’s approval) is not an option.

If you are experiencing this issue, some users are finding turning SSL in the settings to off fixes this problem. However please note you shouldn’t rely on this setting as the non-SSL versions of API 1.1 are only available in the short term and will be turned off eventually.

I’m sorry to those users that are experiencing issues but there isn’t much we can do at our end until the issue is resolved by Twitter.

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