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As you may be aware Twitter are transitioning all users from version 1.0 of their API to version 1.1. We are in final testing of migrating the iPhone version of Tweetings to API 1.1.

However there are numerous changes and in some cases features that have been removed by Twitter.  All applications that talk to the Twitter API have to perform this migration before 5 March 2013 or they’ll cease to work, so whilst unfortunately some of these feature changes will be unpopular, we have to do this work and perform it now.

Version 5.7.0 of Tweetings for iPhone will be the first version to be fully compatible with API 1.1 and below are the main changes that’ll affect features in the app:

  1. Rate limits have dramatically changed. Rate limits are a way of Twitter limiting abuse of their system and you can only access certain resources a specific number of times in a given time period. See Twitter’s API 1.1 documentation and also our blog post on it
  2. Weekly and daily trends APIs no longer exist and so they have been removed from Tweetings
  3. Retweets to me and tweets you have retweeted APIs are not part of API 1.1
  4. Some media providers do not yet support oAuth Echo over API 1.1 yet, they have temporarily been disabled in Tweetings until they do support it. oAuth Echo is the mechanism used to upload your pictures to their service and know who you are via our app.
  5. Twitter’s media timeline that we used to show a user’s recent photos was never an officially supported API. This has been disabled in API 1.1 and is not currently available to third party clients. We have an alternative mechanism, so the feature is still there, it’s just won’t show as many photos as before unfortunately.
  6. Auto refresh of the main timelines after a period of inactivity when switching tabs has been disabled by default, see rate limiting above. Refresh on resume from background and pull to refresh is still enabled.
  7. Related tweets, otherwise known as replies to tweets was an unsupported API. Twitter have confirmed that this will not be part of API 1.1 and so with great sadness this feature has been removed. You can still view the conversation of a tweet for older tweets
  8. Related users was also an unsupported API and has also been removed by Twitter in API 1.1 and therefore Tweetings

However the plus side the migration to API 1.1 have allowed us to fix a few long time bugs, such as the occasional blank user avatar on the compose screen. We’ve also fixed TwitVid video uploading too.

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