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There are two types of conversation thread on Twitter.

We refer to them as the conversation view and the reply view

Conversation View

This takes the current tweet and if it was a reply to another tweet, it’ll load the tweet it was in reply to and any other tweet further down the chain.  This feature will remain unchanged in Tweetings for Android, iPhone, iPad, etc

Reply View

The reply view takes the current tweet and shows any replies made to that tweet after it was posted.  This is a feature on Tweetings for iPhone and iPad but not on Android. Why?

This uses a private API on Twitter called ‘related tweets’. However as you may be aware, Twitter is migrating all clients and apps to a new version of their API.

This feature IS NOT part of the new API. Basically the only people able to offer this feature with any sort of accuracy under API 1.1 are Twitter themselves.

This has been confirmed by Twitter themselves

Will the undocumented call related_results/show be added to the API 1.1 or will it be killed for third-party devs?

The undocumented/unsupported related_results/show method will not be making an appearance in API v1.1 at this time.

So unfortunately, now matter how many times we are requested to add this feature to Tweetings for Android or bad reviews are given because they want this feature…. we CANNOT add it.

As you can see from the discussion quote above, this has always been an unsupported and undocumented Twitter API so we’ve been very lucky and grateful to Twitter for the ability to use it up until now.

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