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There is an unfortunate error that slipped into Tweetings for Mac 2.1.0 update which can cause timelines to be empty for ‘some’ users. If Tweetings is downloading new Tweets as normal you do not need to do anything

We have submitted an urgent update request to Apple but you can fix this yourself if you are familiar with OS X Terminal.

On your Mac go to Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal

From Terminal type the following commands in bold EXACTLY

sqlite3 ~/Library/Caches/com.dwdesign.tweetingsmac/StatusCache.db

press <enter> key

ALTER TABLE StatusUpdates ADD COLUMN textOriginal text; ALTER TABLE DirectMessages ADD COLUMN textOriginal text;

press <enter> key. Don’t worry if you get an error for duplicate column here, it depends on which version you had of Tweetings previously or if you had a new install, etc

ALTER TABLE StatusUpdates ADD COLUMN media text; ALTER TABLE DirectMessages ADD COLUMN media text;

press <enter> key


press <enter> key

You’re done, load Tweetings as normal

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