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It’s been far too long to get this update out, and for that we apologise.

There were some stability issues with version 1.2.x which should now be resolved with the release of version 1.3.

The full change log can be found here but here is a quick summary of what’s new in 1.3:

  • User Interface and Experience has been overhauled, improved and refreshed.  Tweetings for iPad should look even more gorgeous now!
  • You can now selectively post to Facebook directly from the compose screen
  • Search screen overhauled, now saved searches are cached and you can browse suggested users
  • You can upload multiple attachments to a Tweet now, and with Posterous support added there is even more choice
  • Contacts, the first 100 retrieved from Twitter, are cached on the compose window to make it faster to select a user to sent a message to
  • We’ve re-written our entire XML and Location backend code to make it faster, and closed a number of memory leaks in the process
  • Of course, most importantly, a brand new icon. This is now the unified icon for Tweetings on both iPad and iPhone, version 3.1 for iPhone will also sport this lovely new icon :)

We’d advise taking a look at the change log if you really want to see everything we’ve changed but other wise just update 1.3 and enjoy!

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