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Tweetings 3 for iPhone has been approved by Apple and is available from the iPhone AppStore.

This is a big release for Tweetings, with many internal core changes and many changes noticable to you, the user.

New Features

  • Add and manage multiple file attachments to a Tweet
  • Update your name, description, location and website from your profile
  • Tap your profile avatar when on your profile to select a new image from your photo library
  • Verified users will display the verified logo in lists of users
  • Protected users will display a padlock in lists of users
  • Saved searches are now cached on the search page
  • Now displays search with a mix of popular and recent tweets
  • Time can be changed in timeline between 12 hour, 24 hour or relative format
  • New popup menu when tap and hold a timeline status or tapping the user’s avatar in the timeline


  • Redesigned search screen
  • Redesigned the read tracker handling routine
  • Migrated TwitPic, MobyPicture & Twitgoo image uploads and TwitVid & MobyPicture video uploads and MobyPicture audio uploads to oAuth Echo. They will no longer require you to give Tweetings your password
  • GeoLocation manager re-written to improve GPS location
  • Twitter password setting removed from Settings page

Bug Fixes

  • Follow button disabled on user’s own profile
  • One character Tweets would crash when posting

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