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We don’t normally reveal what is coming in future versions of Tweetings, but Tweetings 3 is a bit different, there is a lot of under the hood changes and quite a few new features we think you’ll love.

First up is oAuth Echo support. If you haven’t read our post about oAuth Echo, then please do so.

Next we have the features people have been asking for….

  • Multiple attachment support… yes it’s here and it’s done fantastically.  What do we mean by that, well if you are uploading 3 pictures and one fails, it will stop, let you fix it and reupload but only upload the ones that failed. You can preview attachments and individually remove them
  • Update your own profile, including your profile photo
  • Totally redesigned search page that we think you’ll love
  • Suggested users
  • Totally redesigned read tracker so you’ll have no more reopening Tweetings to discover messages you marked as read as unread again

Quite a few more features, changes and bug fixes too but we can’t spoil all the surprises can we?

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