Timeline Gap Detection

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Tweetings for iPhone and for iPad now contains a new feature called Gap Detection.

What is this feature? Well a first a bit behind the scenes of the Twitter API and Tweetings.

When you load Tweetings, it will take the internal id number of the top tweet in your timeline, send it to Twitter and ask for all new Tweets since that id.  The problem is this call can only request a maximum of 200 tweets.  Therefore if you haven’t loaded Tweetings for sometime you are likely to have more than 200 unread tweets with no way of getting them through the app.

This is where gap detection comes in.  Tweetings intelligently works out where there might be a possible break in the timeline and we represent it as a tear.

Tap on that tear and Tweetings will go off and retrieve another 200 missing Tweets to try to fix the gap, you might actually have another gap underneath that too!

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