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On the 30th June 2010, Twitter is removing something called Basic Authentication.

Basic Authentication is a simple way of interacting with a user’s Twitter account, however there are problems with this, your Twitter username and password and submitted with each request and the application has to store this information.

If that service became compromised then your Twitter login information could be in the hands of someone else.

Don’t fret as Twitter have had a more secure service for sometime called oAuth. oAuth is a good thing.

  • you don’t have to change your account details in a client if you change your password;
  • your login is performed directly on Twitter’s website and not stored in the application at all

Tweetings has supported oAuth logins since day one… so what’s the reason for this post?

Push Notifications

Quite early on we migrated our push notifications to oAuth instead of Basic Authentication, so you should notice no difference in your push notifications after the deadline

Image, Video & Audio Uploading

You are most likely to notice the issue when trying to upload an image to services such as TwitPic, yFrog, etc

At the moment most of these services require your login information and use Basic Authentication.  Twitter has developed a system called oAuth Echo to allow these types of services to carry on working after the deadline.  Of course the Twitter Client also needs to update it’s code to cope with oAuth Echo too.

Any clients and/or media hosts that haven’t switched to oAuth Echo will in most likely hood cease to work correctly after the deadline

oAuth Echo & Tweetings

In version 3.0, coming soon, we have implemented oAuth Echo in Tweetings.

As of the time of writing, the following media providers are also oAuth Echo enabled and will automatically carry on working after 30th June 2010, so long as you are using Tweetings 3.0 or later


  • TwitPic
  • Twitgoo
  • MobyPicture
  • yFrog


  • TwitVid
  • MobyPicture
  • yFrog


  • MobyPicture

We will carry on integrating other services once they make the switch but after 30th June, if you find your favourite provider has ‘stopped’ working then please switch to one of the list above (which we will keep up-to-date) to carry on uploading.

We will remove ANY providers from Tweetings that haven’t made the switch after the deadline

Update: Twitgoo has been added to the list of supported oAuth echo providers
Update 2: MobyPicture support for image, video & audio
Update 3: yFrog supported added to Tweetings for iPad 1.3.  It was too late for Tweetings 3 but it will be added in an update

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