• Display your timeline, tweets and favourites
  • View your mentions (@ replies)
  • Manage unread tweets
  • Display any user’s tweets, mentions and favourites
  • Conversation timeline
  • Choose how many tweets to display at once
  • Direct message support
  • Remember scroll position on launch and reload
  • Public timeline
  • Pulldown to refresh timelines
  • Gap detection, for when there are more Tweets available to download in your timeline
  • Auto paging
  • Change the font size
  • Timeline sync across devices and platforms

Posting Messages

  • Post a message to Twitter or re-tweet
  • Reply to tweets
  • Customisable ReTweet format including new style Twitter ReTweet
  • Upload pictures from your images or take one with the iPhone camera*. Support for Twitpic, yFrog, pic.gd, Twitrpix and Twitgoo
  • Update Facebook status selectively or automatically
  • Post a link to your location
  • View your contact list when composing and select between public reply or direct message
  • Tweet what you are currently listening to on your iPod, including a link to iTunes
  • Save a Tweet as a draft to finish later
  • TwitLonger support
  • Generate shortened URLs. Support for TinyURL, is.gd, tr.im and bit.ly
  • Schedule a Tweet to be posted later, you don’t even need Tweetings open for it to post!
  • Hash tag manager. Recently used hash tags are available from the compose screen
  • Draft manager
  • TweetShrink support

Location based features

  • Support Tweet level Geolocation for individual Tweets
  • Find nearby twitters and change the search radius either as a list or on a map
  • Update your profile location when you post
  • In built map location viewing
  • Post a link to your location

Friends and Followers

  • Browse your friends and followers
  • Browse any user’s friends and followers
  • Shortcut to go to a user
  • User search
  • Block/unblock users
  • View users you have blocked

Viewing Tweets

  • Toggle tweets as favourites
  • Follow / Unfollow people
  • Built in web browser for viewing web pages and pictures
  • Delete your own tweets
  • Instapaper & ReadItLater support
  • Largescreen preview of Twitpic and yFrog images
  • View profile images
  • Save images to your photo roll
  • Email a tweet
  • Translate Tweets

Twitter Lists

  • Twitter list support
  • Create lists
  • View lists you have created, you follow or you have been added to
  • View public lists any user has created or has been added to
  • Add a user to one of your lists
  • View followers or members of a list
  • Search lists by keyword or category using TLists.com
  • Set a list as default


  • Multiple account support
  • Push notification support. Automatically find out when someone replies or you have a new message, includes badge, sound and text alerts all configurable
  • Customise the sound alert played with push notifications
  • Uses Twitter’s oAuth, secure authentication where you don’t have to give Tweetings your password*
  • Mobile Safari bookmark support
  • Settings can be changed from within Tweetings or from the iPhone’s Settings.app
  • Google Mobilizer and Instapaper Mobilizer support

Searching Twitter

  • Search twitter by keyword
  • Search for users
  • Twitter saved search support
  • View the current, daily and weekly trends
  • Search for users around you
  • Search based on a hash tag from a tweet
* Photo/Video uploading support requires you to give Tweetings your Twitter account password. If you’re not comfortable with that, you can still use Tweetings just not with those features.

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