How to use Tweetings

This guide is written for Tweetings 2.1.4. Features may vary between versions


Tweetings uses Twitter's oAuth method for Authentication. OAuth is an authentication protocol that allows users to approve application to act on their behalf without sharing their password. More information can be found at or in the excellent Beginner's Guide to OAuth from Hueniverse. This means you do not have to give Tweetings your password, you only give it to Twitter!

However this does mean, the first time you load Tweetings, a window will popup displaying a Twitter login page. Once you have successfully entered your details, Twitter will automatically close this window and you'll be logged in.

If you don't have a Twitter account, sign up first from the Twitter website. Also, Twitter currently doesn't allow signing up from iPhone (Mobile Safari). Please sign up for your Twitter account from your PC or Mac browser first.

After signing in to Twitter you have 5 tabs across the bottom of the screen

Tweets, Mentions, Messages, Search and More. Tapping on More gives access to more navigation options. You can also customise the bottom tab bar to your liking from the 'More' tab

Navigation Options

There are quite a number of features available with Tweetings and can be accessed through the 'More' tab. This is a list of all current navigation options (for version 2.1)

TweetsYour friend's timeline. Contains the Tweets of the friends you are following
MentionsA timeline of mentions (statuses containing your @username)
MessagesYour Direct Messages, private messages sent directly to you. You'll find both your inbox and sent DMs here
FavouritesFavourites/Favorites are tweets that you have flagged as a favourite
SettingsSettings is where you can configure Tweetings to your preferences
SentPublic Tweets you have sent
UnreadTweets you haven't read yet
PublicThe latest 20 tweets from the public timeline
ProfileGo to your own profile
SearchSearch Twitter
TrendsBrowse current, daily and weekly trends
NearbyBrowse recent tweets from users near to your current GPS location.
Go To UserGo to another user's profile or search for a user
Twitter ListsView, subscribe and create Twitter Lists
ReTweetView your ReTweets, ReTweets of you and ones sent to you
AccountsSwitch accounts, delete existing accounts from Tweetings or add a new account

Timeline navigation


Tap a tweet cell to open Tweet View.


When viewing a Tweet you can start to write a reply, send a DM, re-tweet it or mark it as a favourite. You can also open the User Timeline View or the User Profile View of the tweet. If the Tweet is part of a conversation you can view the entire conversation timeline too!


The User Profile View contains the user's details, links to their website, their updates, their followers the most recent 20 tweets of the user. The User Profile View contains detailed information about the user and links to open to users' friends, followers, their favorites and @mentions. You can also follow or unfollow, and block or unblock, the user. If the tweet has a reply chain (using @username), Tweetings will drill down the reply chain and build a conversation view for you.

Posting a Tweet, replying or sending a Direct Message

Posting a tweet

Tap the compose button located at the top right corner of timeline views to post a tweet. On Post View, you can choose or take a photo or video (3Gs only), get a current location, attach GeoLocation to a tweet, post a link to your current location, get your friends list, post what you are listening to on your iPod or load a link browser which will allow you to enter a URL which will automatically become shortened.

If you open the compose screen on the messages tab, or tap the "send a DM" button, Tweetings opens a direct message compose screen. You can enter a recipient name, or choose a recipient from your friends list.

Searching, trends and nearby


In the search tab you can search tweets by keyword by tapping on the search bar. Tap on the bookmark icon at the right of the search bar to load your saved searches


In the trends tab you can see the current trends. You can switch to daily or weekly trends by tapping the relevant button at the top right of Tweetings. Tapping on a trend will take you to the search view


The nearby tab uses your current GPS location to show you tweets from users nearby. You can change the search radius by tapping the button at the top right. You can change between miles and kilometers from the Tweetings Settings



The settings tab allows you to configure many options on how Tweetings works. You can customise:

  • Sign in with a different account
  • Empty the timeline cache
  • Enter your Twitter password. Whilst using Tweetings does not require your Twitter password, it is required to make use of Photo posting using Twitpic or yfrog and for Push notifications
  • Configure your Twitter GeoLocation settings (required to attach location data to a Tweet)
  • Auto refresh
  • Refresh on pulldown (automatically refresh by pulling down the timeline)
  • Open links in Safari or using the built in browser
  • Change between the default 'silver', the dark 'carbon' or the 'plain' theme
  • Shake the iPhone to hide the navigation and tab bar
  • Change between metric or imperial measurements in the 'Nearby' function
  • Display a badge on the tab bar for new messages on the main timeline
  • Instapaper account details
  • Automatically get the next page of tweets when you reach the bottom
  • Number of tweets to recieve with each page
  • Remember your position on the timeline when you close and restart Tweetings
  • Auto scrolling when new Tweets are downloaded
  • Left handed controls
  • Add a footer/signature to the end of every Tweet
  • Choose your URL shortening provider from TinyURL, and
  • Choose your Photo provider from TwitPic, yFrog, TweetPhoto, Twitgoo and TwitrPix
  • Choose your Video provider from yFrog or TwitVid (iPhone 3Gs only)
  • Enable auto-correction when posting
  • Enable auto-capitalization when posting
  • Tweetshrink text when posting
  • Change the retweet type between automatic or with edits (old RT format)
  • Change the retweet format for old style ReTweets
  • Select the types of push notifications you want and which alert sound you wish to hear
  • Link your Twitter account with Facebook and configure posting Facebook status updates
  • Send us feedback

Post a link to Twitter using Safari


Tweetings has it's own URL scheme. You can add a bookmark to Safari which will automatically allow you to post a link with Tweetings. You can add the following URL to your PC/Mac and sync your iPhone

  • javascript:window.location='tweetings:///post?'+window.location

Or you can visit from your iPhone and follow the directions for installing the bookmark.

Tweetings lite is slightly different to Tweetings. You can add the following URL to your PC/Mac and sync your iPhone

  • javascript:window.location='tweetingslite:///post?'+window.location

Or you can visit from your iPhone and follow the directions for installing the bookmark.

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