Find animated Gifs using Giphy

We’ve supported posting Animated Gifs to Twitter on both iPhone and Android since Twitter introduced the feature to their API. However in recent versions you can now search for Gifs online and post them. We’ve teamed up with Giphy to power this feature… enjoy!

TwitterStorms and Custom Timelines

The latest and greatest versions of Tweetings for both Android and iPhone contain a powerful improvement to TwitterStorm. What is a TwitterStorm Tweetings has long contained a powerful feature allowing you to split Tweets beyond the 140 character limit into multiple Tweets. This must be done at the time of posting. This feature used to have (part 1), (part 2), etc appended to the end of each Tweet. Recently many people have been using a new format called TwitterStorm which prefixes each split Tweet with the number e.g. 1/, 2/, etc. We’ve also supported this format for split Tweets What’s new? Well we’ve added a flag to set the compose screen into TwitterStorm mode. This means you can keep on posting Tweets, all of those Tweets will be linked together into a Twitter conversation and they don’t have to all be posted at the same time. This is a great…Keep Reading

Why in-app purchase permission change

A recent update has appeared for Tweetings for Android that contains a permission change for In-App purchases. Why! I can hear you cry, I already purchased this app. Don’t worry we aren’t changing our business practice. We’ve been asked many times by some of our users, especially some of the long time users, for a way they can contribute to future development and support, as they can’t repurchase the app. The In-App permission has been added so that we can add a totally optional in-app purchase donation feature. Let me restate this, it’s totally optional, we don’t expect anyone to purchase it (although we’d love it if you did 🙂 ), you won’t miss out on ANY features if you don’t purchase it. Due to the way Google Play works, we have to upload an app with the in-app purchasing option in it, before we can even create in-app purchase…Keep Reading