A recent update has appeared for Tweetings for Android that contains a permission change for In-App purchases.

Why! I can hear you cry, I already purchased this app.

Don’t worry we aren’t changing our business practice. We’ve been asked many times by some of our users, especially some of the long time users, for a way they can contribute to future development and support, as they can’t repurchase the app.

The In-App permission has been added so that we can add a totally optional in-app purchase donation feature.

Let me restate this, it’s totally optional, we don’t expect anyone to purchase it (although we’d love it if you did 🙂 ), you won’t miss out on ANY features if you don’t purchase it.

Due to the way Google Play works, we have to upload an app with the in-app purchasing option in it, before we can even create in-app purchase products to test with, so we’ve had to add the permission now, without actually having the feature available yet.