Mute Filters

Tweetings has supported a feature called timeline mute filters for a number of years now.  They used to be called timeline exclusion filters.

With mute filters you can pick a user, a keyword/phrase or even an entire app to block from showing on your timeline.

There are a number of powerful features allowing these mute filters to expire automatically and on Tweetings for iPhone you can even use regular expression filters.

When you add user mutes we also sync them to Twitter directly so that if you use the Twitter website you have the same user’s muted, and vice versa, if you mute on the Twitter website they will be muted in Tweetings.

The problem with mute filters is they totally remove those Tweets from your timeline. Enter muffling…


Timeline muffles are a new feature for Tweetings for Android and iOS (at the time of writing this is awaiting review on iOS with Apple). Muffles at present only work on a user basis, not keywords but will still show the user on your timeline, just less prominently.

Tapping on the muffled Tweet will take you to the normal Tweet view as any other Tweet would.