So the most asked question we’ve had over the last few days is “Are you going to support the new Twitter Retweet with Comment feature?”

The answer to this is: Yes

Now for those that don’t know, this feature extends the ability to retweet but add your own comments.

We already have a fully working version of both sending and viewing these Retweets with Comments on iPhone.  At the moment we’re waiting for the Apple Watch update for Tweetings to get approved before we can submit this feature to Apple for review.

We’ve also got Retweet with Comment sending working for Android and is currently going through beta testing.

Next on the list is supporting viewing Retweets with Comments on Android and then supporting iPad too.

For what sounds like a remarkably simple feature, actually requires quite a lot of detailed background changes to both how the timeline works and how we store Tweets.  The first Twitter client devs knew about this feature was the same time you knew about it too, so we don’t have any lead time to get these features implemented.

We will make viewing Retweets with Comments embedding of the quoted tweet OPTIONAL!

Update 9 April 2015: This is now supported on Tweetings for Android with full support on the timeline, Tweet view and posting.  This can be disabled from the Interface Settings screen.