Updating Tweetings for Mac

It’s been a while since we updated Tweetings for Mac, it’s a busy world to keep supporting Android, iOS, iPad and Mac that sometimes we have to prioritise the work on certain apps than others. However we wanted to let you know that we haven’t forgotten about Tweetings for Mac. There’s a lot of work still to do to get it up to speed with some of the changes we’ve made recently, such as multiple Twitter photos, Animated Gifs, Twitter Video and more. There’s a long way to go yet until this will be delivered to the AppStore but here’s just a little teaser of where we are going with it, as we say still very much a work in progress and things will change from what you see below. We won’t announce when it’ll be available other than…. when it’s ready, it’s ready.

Tweetings for iPhone new features

We’ve been hard at work adding, iterating and improving Tweetings for iPhone so here’s a quick summary of what’s coming soon in the next version   Account name on the Home Timeline now shows your user profile image The new photo viewer has been improved. You can fling the image of the screen to close it Recent photos, videos, animated gifs and YouTube videos are now shown on the user profile The media timeline has been improved, as well as a new look and feel, supports multiple images attached to any Tweet, Twitter videos, animated gifs and YouTube videos.  Simply tap an image to view, tap and hold to go to the original Tweet the media came from. A brand new wizard when first loading or adding a new account to the app We’ve also added pull to refresh on the internal Web browser too!