Tweetings for Android and Material Design

We are great believers in designing to the platform. This means we want to support and showcase the best the platform has to offer, whether that be Android, iPhone or iPad. ¬†This is why Tweetings on Android will not look the same as Tweetings for iPhone. Tweetings for Android will look like a native Android app and Tweetings for iPhone will look like a native iPhone app. Rarely, in our opinion, does making an app work identically between both platforms work well. They have different design paradigms. Current State of Play Above is what Tweetings for Android currently looks like designed, unapologetically, with Holo in mind. We offer card layouts, drawer navigation and if you so wish a floating action button to create a new Tweet. Material Design With Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google has moved on from Holo, which we’ve known since Android Honeycomb, to a new design language called…Keep Reading